Accidental Observations – Contents

click!May 2023: Sight-proof glass
click!September 2022: Shimmering pests
click!September 2022: Reflexes on a spider web
click!March 2022: Melting ice
click!February 2022: Very strange interference colours on ice, revised
click!October 2021: Iridescent earthworm. Extended January 2022
click!September 2021: Diffraction and interference at a misted window pane
click!April 2021: Fluorescent bananas
klick!November 2020: Rainbow colours
click!May 2020: Troxler fading, afterimages
click!April 2020: Birefringence and Polarisation, Complementary Colours
click!March 2020: Fly eye diffraction pattern
click!March 2020: The negative
click!January 2020: Panorama with Moon
click!December 2019: Afterglow, Sky colours
click!November 2019: Frost patterns
click!November 2019: Reed
click!June 2019: Noctilucent clouds (extended July 2019)
click!March 2019: Mirrored ice
klick!March 2019: Rays and clouds
click!December 2018: Curved light rays
click!November 2018: A glass door prism
click!September 2018: Light patterns
click!August 2018: Real Yellow
click!August 2018: Iridescent weathered glass
click!August 2018: Gleaming sky – zero order glow
click!July 2018: Colourful reflections in a spider's sheet-web
click!June 2018: Iridescent butterfly wings
click!May 2018: Very strange interference colours on ice
click!March 2018: Fresnel diffraction
click!March 2018: The Poisson spot
click!January 2018: Unexpected stripes – elliptic polarisation
click!December 2017: Goethe's black and white crosses
click!November 2017: Colourful Black II: Iridescent Vinyl
click!November 2017: Colourful Black
click!October 2017: Quetelet rings
click!September 2017: Glistening spider silk
click!August 2017: Dewed windowpane aureole II
click!June 2017: Curtain diffraction
click!February 2017: Polar lights once more
click!January 2017: Coloured reflection
click!December 2016: Sunlit hot tea
click!November 2016: Munker's illusion applied
click!October 2016: Spiderweb against the sun
click!September 2016: Road mirages
click!September 2016: Light rings and diffraction from thistle-seed pappus
click!August 2016: CD-R diffraction
click!July 2016: Sun pillars and glitter paths
click!June 2016: Glory around vanished shadow
click!May 2016: Single-drop rainbow and supernumerary colours
click!April 2016: Droplets, bokeh and diffraction
click!March 2016: Corona discharges, artificial St Elmo's fire
click!February 2016: Kelvin wakes
click!February 2016: Polar lights
click!December 2015: A circumzenithal arc
click!December 2015: Reflections
click!November 2015: Light rings
click!October 2015: Frying pan optics
click!September 2015: Behind the rainbow
click!September 2015: Stars by diffraction
click!August 2015: Glasses for 3d-films
click!July 2015: Dragonflies' eyes
click!June 2015: Ermine moths' web tents
click!June 2015: Strange colours in a foil-greenhouse
click!April 2015: Turbid water aureole
click!April 2015: Puddles and iridescent clouds
click!March 2015: Bluish smoke with reddish shadow
click!February 2015: Lunar corona
click!January 2015: Smooth ice with large monocrystals
click!January 2015: Glory and Brocken Spectre
click!December 2014: Peculiar window frost
click!November 2014: Dewed windowpane aureole
click!October 2014: Dewbow reflexes and Fresnel diffraction
click!September 2014: Sunlit star effect foil
click!September 2014: A huge moiré
click! August 2014: Light-interference pigments
click! June 2014: Split rainbow
click! April 2014: Greenish and reddish iridescence of meat
gutturniumMarch 2014: Iridescent glass bottles
SternfolieJanuary 2014: Star effect foil
VerkehrszeichenDecember 2013: Traffic signs – retroreflective foils
click!September 2013: Waves and caustics
click!July 2013: Interference on double-glazed window panes
click!April 2013: Quételet rings or fringes
click!March 2013: Acrylic glass as a diffraction grating
click!Diffraction by feathers
click!An irregular reflection grating